Letter to Investors

We are a small international limited liability company (est. 2008) based in Florida, USA that has yet to obtain significant investment capital. This is mostly due to the fact that we have always approached the issue with caution, preferring instead to value long term viability over potential short term benefits.

We find that many of the investments made in other tech companies today are relatively weak, and thus we feel another bubble may be looming. This is one of the reasons we have so far chosen a path to limit our exposure to economic upheavals or such external financial constraints.

But since 1997, we firmly believe that 3D standards and implementations are poised to become a significant part of the future on the internet. That is already happening, slowly. A significant factor impeding this growth is that too many inherently different technologies are confusing the marketplace with incompatible and non-standard proprietary offerings.

We want to change that. Take Linux for example. Companies have been able to form around this open source operating system because it adheres to well established standards and practices with a common set of languages, functions, tools and applications. Now other operating systems have their roots in Linux, itself rooted in Unix which has been around for 40+ years. It works because there is continuity. The work of many come together in one coherent system that is allowed to mature and become a solid, pervasive and reliable platform. And that is why our multi-user network server is coded in C and fully compatible with Unix and Linux servers.

This is the story with software. And the same will happen with 3D on the end user side of the Web. It can only be successful if proper standards are established and adhered to. The multitude of proprietary implementations that we see today will need to fade away, so end users no longer feel confused and overwhelmed with irrelevant offerings that have the sole purpose of monetary gains. This is because the motives need to be deeper than that for 3D to be truly relevant thus successful.

On the other hand, ISO approved Web3D standards have already been in use by the military, educational and scientific communities. These are solid and mature international standards that have been developed and established over more than 15 years.

At 3DNPVEI we believe in a 3D Web. We do it with love, and we want to see it grow the right way.

We are also aware of market realities and the need to evolve on a profitable path. As we are now approaching a stage of development where obtaining substantial operating capital may prove both necessary and beneficial, we are currently seeking to look at various options. If you are an angel investor possibly interested in equity participation, we would like to talk. Please contact us to explore the possibilities. We are also on Angel List.